GENERAL RULES: (Rule changes are in red)


1.  The position of Coalition Representative will be filled at the annual meeting.  A volunteer will be sought among the attending clubs.  If there is no volunteer, the position will be filled by rotation of the clubs.  The order of rotation will be: 


(1.)  Great Swamp Archery Club

(2.)  Lejeune Archery Club

(3.)  Lenoir County Archery Club

(4.)  Roanoke Archery Club


This position is to last until the next scheduled annual coalition meeting.  A club may serve two consecutive terms, but must be voted on at every annual meeting and will be the "Presiding Club".  If a "Presiding Club" drops out of the coalition, the next club in line in the rotation will take over the duties of the "Presiding Club".  New clubs must be members of the Coalition for one year before they may become a "Presiding Club".


2.  No rules or schedule changes (deletions/additions) will be made unless approved by the coalition or the appointed representative.


3.  A maximum of twenty (20) targets will be used with a 3½ hour time allotment to shoot.  This allows members to shoot a prescribed number of targets and to schedule their time accordingly.  During a point shoot, the Tournament Director may extend this 3½ hour shooting time due to special circumstances.


4. Registration will be floating and will normally begin at the time listed on the established schedule and will close at 2:00 p.m.


5. There will be ten point shoots, two per club to be designated by each club out of their regular shoot schedule.  Each club will pay the trophy fees for the upcoming year at the Coalition meeting.  Any club dropping out during the year will forfeit the trophy fee.  (This will begin with the 2009 shooting year.)


6.  Tournament fees


                        Adult                                     $10.00

                        Incentive                              $20.00

                        Young Adult/Youth            $ 5.00

                        Cub                                       $ 3.00

                        Pee Wee                                FREE       




     7.  The top three (3) finishers in each class will be awarded trophies or appropriate awards.  Participation awards will be presented to each Pee-Wee participant who did not place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.  The Incentive class will receive a cash pay-back consisting of fifty percent (50%) of the Incentive Class registration fees divided and awarded in accordance with the ASA pay out schedule.  It will be the host club's option when there are five (5) or less shooters in a class to award only one trophy.  The exception will be the Cub and Pee-Wee classes in which all places will be awarded.  It is the host clubs option to award either trophies or money in all classes with the exception of the Cub and Pee-Wee classes, where trophies, ribbons, or similar award will be presented.  Shooters must be notified upon registration of award method.


8.  In an effort to make tournament date selection fair to all clubs, the following system will be used.  All clubs will randomly draw a number from a hat.  Each club in turn will select a tournament date in numerical sequence.  The order will then be reversed to allow the last club in the selection order to be the first in the second round of selections.  If tournament dates exist after two (2) rounds, new numbers will be drawn and the process repeated.  Clubs may exchange dates drawn if desired.  All dates will be confirmed for the official tournament schedule by vote prior to conclusion of the annual meeting.  This schedule will be printed and mailed out by the "Presiding Club".


9.  New clubs will be allowed to join the coalition by coalition vote.  New clubs will have all rights of existing clubs to include tournament selection and voting.  The coalition, due to growth, will limit its size to ten (10) clubs.


10. Shooter of the year trophies will be presented in all classes.  To compete for shooter of the year each archer must be a member of a Coalition Club by the second point shoot of all the clubs. Actual scores will be counted toward shooter of the year.  Each club will have two point shoots.  The six highest scores from the eight shoots will be counted and shooters must have one point shoot from each club.  In the event a point shot is canceled, each archer who has competed in point shoot will have 200 point credited for that shoot.   Point shoots will be run the same as a regular match with floating registration and NO shotgun start or peer grouping.  Each club is responsible for monitoring shooters.  Shooters must be on the shooting stake by 2:00 p.m.  Exceptions may be made at the clubs discretion for emergency situations.  The host club has the right to designate that a point shoot be held either on Saturday or Sunday.


11. Host clubs of point shoots reserve the right to assign groups.  Groups will not exceed 6 people.


12.  No shooter will advance past his shooting stake prior to shooting.  Example (1): Adults accompanied by children must shoot before the children.  Example (2):  All shooters must remain behind their shooting stake even if the shooter rotation calls for other shooters to advance forward and shoot.  The only time a shooter can advance in front of his stake is if he has already made his shot.





1.  Overdraws do not designate a class.  Sight type and release are determining factors.


3.  Score cards must be printed with a legible name.  Place your address on the back of the score card in the event you leave prior to the awards presentation.


4.  Range finding is prohibitedNo range finding devices will be allowed on the shooting course.  There is to be a sign posted at the entrance to each club stating no range finders will be allowed.  No equipment, including but not limited to; sights, binoculars, or spotting scopes will be used in any manner as a range finding device.


5.  Binoculars are allowed, but may be checked randomly by tournament officials for range finding marks.  After he or she shoots, no archer may glass the target while he or she remains at the shooting stake.


6.  No alcoholic beverages may be carried or consumed on any tournament grounds.


7.  Any grievances must be registered with the tournament director.  All decisions of the tournament protest committee will be final.  The protest committee will consist of the tournament director and designated host club members.  The tournament director's name will be posted at or near the registration table.


8.  Each club will keep record of the scores for each shoot in case of questions in the future.




1.  All targets will be 3-D targets at unmeasured distances of 50 yards or less, Specialty shoots, including: coon shoots, iron man shoots, novelty shoots, etc., should be scheduled and any specific or special rules posted.


2.  Archers will shoot in groups of not less than (3) or no more than six (6) per group to turn in an official score card.


3.  One (1) arrow per target will be shot from a painted stake.  Stake colors and classes are as follows:


                           PINK                          Incentive, Pro Class, Outlaw


                           WHITE                       Seniors, Men’s Open, Unlimited


                           RED                           Bowhunter, Ladies Open, Young Adult


                           BLUE                         Ladies Bowhunter Novice, Youth, Ladies Bowhunter, Traditional                  

                           YELLOW                   Cubs (Eagle) shoot with adult supervision


                           GREEN                      Pee-Wee (Jr. Eagle) shoot with adult supervision




4.  A shooter must touch the stake with some part of his or her body during the shot.


5.  No archer may practice on any part of the range to be used for tournament shooting.  Practice targets will be provided by the host club.  No other targets will be used for practice except those supplied.


6.  One group will not hold up following groups by looking for lost arrows or by "slow" shooting.  Slower groups will allow faster groups to pass through if empty targets exist in front of them.  Those shooters passing through will be allowed to shoot the target that the slower group is currently on.  Enough arrows will be carried so that each archer can complete the entire course.


7.  An equipment failure must be verified by a tournament official.  An archer will be allowed forty-five (45) minutes maximum to repair or replace equipment.  The shooter will then be given the opportunity to shoot the missed target(s) in the presence of a tournament official.  The occurrence of an equipment repair or replacement will not happen more than once (1) during a tournament.  It is the archers responsibility to notify an official as soon as an equipment failure occurs.


**Equipment Failure need not be visible, but must

be reported to a tournament official.  If the

equipment failure occurs during the act of

shooting, the arrow will be scored as shot.**


8.  A "Controlled Letdown" must be verbally announced prior to the letdown, with the word "letdown or "down" spoken loudly enough to be audible, and must be acknowledged by the group.  When a shooter verbally announces a controlled letdown, the arrow must not be intentionally released or the shooter will receive a score of zero (0).  If a letdown is not verbally announced, and acknowledged by the  group, the arrow will be scored as shot.  If an arrow is inadvertently dropped and cannot be reached from the stake, it will be scored as shot.


9.  The maximum allowable arrow speed is 288 feet per second for all classes, except outlaw.  Shooters may be required to shoot over a chronograph as they come off the range. Each club will have a chronograph available.  Any shooter with arrow speed over 288 FPS will be disqualified.  Shooters scoring 185 points or above will be required to shoot through the chronograph before being eligible for trophy.  If a shooter scores 185 points or above and leaves the course without shooting through the chronograph, that shooter becomes ineligible to "place in the tournament".


10.  No one is allowed to shoot early, shoot alone, or shoot more than one class for score.  A shooter can shoot the course more than once if the host club allows, but only the first score counts.


11.  In the event of severe or threatening weather or any other extenuating circumstances, it shall be the determination of the tournament director to cancel, postpone, or delay the tournament.




1.  All arrows must remain in the target until they are scored.  An arrow shaft must touch the line to be scored the next higher value.  The scoring of any questionable arrow must be determined by the group before pulling any arrow from the target.  Arrows will not be touched until a judgment has been made.  All members of the group must agree on the score of all arrows before removing them, with the exception of an archer physically unable to go to the target.


2.  Arrows passing through the face but remaining in the target will be pushed back through and scored.


3.  Arrows passing through but not remaining in the target may be re-shot provided the group witnesses and agrees that the shot did pass through.


4.  Any arrow deflected (making contact, but still proceeding toward the target) by an arrow already in the target will be scored as it lies.


5.  Any arrow embedded (a "robin Hood") in the nock of another arrow will be scored the same as the arrow that it struck.


6.  Any arrow not in the target will be scored as a miss, with the exception of the Pee-Wee class where a "glance-off" will count as five (5) points.




7.  Arrows will be scored as follows:


     -  14 points (pro class shoots the ring if available)   

     -  12 points (if the target has a twelve (12) ring

     -  10 points

     -    8 points

     -    5 points

     -    X (miss, glance off, or bounce off with the exception of Pee-Wee


8.  Any arrow, which is released by the string at any time, is counted as a shot and will be scored, unless announced prior that a "Letdown" will occur.


9.  In the event of a tie for first (1st) place in any class, a "sudden death shoot-off" will occur on the range to break the tie.  All other ties, (i.e., 2nd, 3rd) will be broken by the total number of twelve's (12), if used, or total number of ten's (10), then eight's (8), and then five's (5).  If there is still a tie, then the first points dropped on the range will determine the loser.




         Class                          Equipment                         Stake                Max Yd

         Seniors                      Shoot what you bring              White                     45 (50 yr. or older)

         Men's Open              Shoot what you bring              White                     45 

         Unlimited                   Any release, fixed pins           White                     45

         Incentive                   Shoot what you bring              Pink                       50

                                             See additional rules              

         Outlaw                       See additional rules               Pink                       50

         Ladies Open             Shoot what you bring              Red                        40     

         Ladies Hunter         See additional rules                 Blue                       25  (includes novice)

         Young Adult             Shoot what you bring              Red                        40  (15-17 yr. old) 

         Bowhunter (Mens) See additional rules               Red                        40 

         Traditional                 See additional rules               Blue                       25

         Youth                         Shoot what you bring              Blue                       30     (12 -14 yr. old)

         Cub                            Shoot what you bring              Yellow                   15     (9-11 yr. old)

         Pee-Wee                   Shoot what you bring              Green                      5 





Hunter Class:


1.  There will be four Hunter classes; Bowhunter and Bowhunter Novice, Ladies Hunter and Ladies Hunter Novice.  Shooters in Bowhunter Novice and Ladies Hunter Novice must move up to Bowhunter after two wins in any shoot in the Novice Class.  There will be no shooter of the year trophy for the Bowhunter Novice class.  If an archer is going for the Shooter of the Year, they must register in the Bowhunter class.  If an archer shoots in Novice and switches to Bowhunter to go for Shooter of the Year, scores in Novice will not be counted for Shooter of the Year.


2.  Sights will be non-movable with a maximum of five (5) fixed pins, magnification is not    authorized.


3.  Stabilizer will not exceed a maximum of twelve (12) inches long, fourteen (14) from face of bow.


4.  Any type of points may be used.


5.  Any type of release may be used.


6.  Maximum arrow speed of 280 PS + 3% (288 PS.)


Ladies Hunter Class and Ladies Novice Class:  See Hunter Class rules above.



Traditional Class:


1.  No release aid, no sights, no stabilizers, (no added weight), no overdraws.


2.  Must have one (1) finger touching arrow nock.


3.  Shooter can shoot off the shelf, or with a stick-on or flipper rest.  No mechanical rest.  Arrows can be any material.


4.  No marks in the sight window allowed.


Cub Class:


1.  Ages 9-11 years, shoot what you bring and must shoot under adult supervision.


Pee-Wee Class:


1.  Ages 0-8 years, shoot what you bring and must shoot under adult supervision.



Outlaw Class 


1.  There are no limitations on what type of equipment can be used.  Shoot whatever you bring.


2.  No speed limit.




1.  Shoot what you bring.


2.  Distance for this class will be unmeasured with a maximum distance of 50 yards and will be shot from the pink stake.


3.  Incentive shooters will shoot low 12’s on any target with a low 12.


  1. All classes other than Incentive will shoot center 12’s.




1.  Maximum bow speed for the Youth Class will be 288 fps.